When it comes to plumbing, most people just think of a simple sink and toilet system that is able to pump water out to handle typical flow and pace of a singular room or building. While that isn’t too far off from the truth, plumbing systems can be much larger and more complex than most individuals assume.

The difference between consumer assumption and the actuality of plumbing is generally based on the type of facility that the plumbing is incorporated into. The two categories that plumbing can break down into include residential and commercial properties. Residential properties refer to single-home and multi-home buildings that are generally smaller in size. Commercial properties, on the other hand, refer to the larger-scale properties such as office buildings, apartment complexes, and industrial warehouses or factories.

In this post, we will be going into the specific differences between residential and commercial plumbing. Here at Above All Plumbing LLC, we specialize in providing both residential and commercial plumbing services to consumers and clients across the Yuma, Arizona region. Read on to learn more differences between these distinct plumbing methods before considering which route is best for your specific needs!


This is the most obvious and considerable factor when distinguishing between residential and commercial plumbing options. Residential plumbing will often consist of a one-house building or potentially a small complex of homes, so the amount of preparation and materials that go into the process are laid out in a simple manner. Residential properties will typically know how many bathrooms and sinks will need to be accounted for, and because the facilities will not be used as often as commercial facilities, the process is very straightforward and streamlined.

Commercial properties can come in all shapes and sizes, from an apartment complex to a 30 story office building with multiple facilities per floor. This creates a demand in commercial properties that exceeds the needs of residential properties. Because commercial plumbing projects can vary immensely, the planning and amount of materials required to complete the project to completion can vary. Commercial properties will need to offer toilets and sinks for both customers and employees, and with the multi-floor potential, the material count and planning will take more time and effort to calculate before just getting down to business.

Multiple Floors

Going back to the multiple floor aspect, this can be applicable for both commercial and residential properties. Both types of properties can have multiple floors, but the amount of floors contained within the building in question will impact which type of service will suit the needs in the most effective manner.

Residential plumbing usually entails no more than two floors. Obviously, some homes have more than two floors, or incorporate basements or attics and can still be considered part of the residential plumbing spectrum —  it just depends on the plumbing company and the types of specific requests and needs you are looking for out of your residential plumbing.

While commercial plumbing can be a one-floor complex, it often is laid out over multiple floors, wings, and even interconnected buildings. Each of these floors will require sinks, toilets, and other, more specified plumbing components such as eyewash stations. With more floors comes more calculations, especially when considering gravity. Gravity plays a large factor in the functioning of the piping structure and water pressure, which will need to be properly fitted and maintained in these larger structures. A good plumber will be able to troubleshoot and make recommendations based on the appearance of your residential or commercial property.

Amount/Variety of Problems

The amount of problems, and the variety of issues you might face, alter heavily between residential and commercial plumbing experiences. Residential plumbers have the tools and know-how to handle most plumbing issues that are experienced in a home environment, but issues in a commercial space will need to be taken care of by an expert in the commercial plumbing systems.

Residential plumbing tends to encounter variations of the same basic issue. Because the home consists of a singular and manageable system, if an issue becomes apparent or persists it is easy to locate and get back on track. Commercial spaces, on the other hand, can consist of multiple floors and units, so when an issue pops up, it may often go unnoticed until it has caused extreme issues. This type of environment requires an expert who can be prepared for issues that don’t occur in residential areas, as well as be up to speed on a larger number of codes.

Professional Plumbing Services With Above All Plumbing

While plumbing is typically viewed as one industry, in reality, it breaks down into distinct categories such as residential and commercial fields. These different fields come with different opportunities and issues, so it is important to have the proper plumbing team for your upcoming job. At Above All Plumbing, we offer supreme service for both the residential and commercial industries, allowing us to be a one-stop-shop for all your needs at the home and the office. If you have any questions about quotes or general inquiries, don’t forget to contact our friendly staff! We hope to help you soon.